SCADA Integration Consulting

 SCADA Integration Consulting (Gas)

Provided consulting services to  various projects to various of System Intigrators. This includes the development of modifications into existing SCADA application core using our own experties to capture the date from various database engines like SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Spread Sheet etc. to support PLC's protocol in Realtime basis. We typically use Core JAVA, .NET, Java Script, VB Script, PHP, HTML 5, JSON, Angular JS etc. to design and develop any customised solution, to match clients expectations..

As scada integration consultants, other projects included integration and modification of Mitsubishi,  L&T, Omron, Siemens, Allen-Bradley on Modbus protocols.We also do projects which required project-specific modifications for historical records and Data Logging, Data Archiving, Upload and downloads.

Some projects include the development of Perl and Excel VBA scripts to retrieve realtime and historical data for end-user reporting purposes.

Experties 1 - Remotely controlled tools for accessing internet information 
Designed, developed and supported a suite of remotely controlled tools for accessing internet information used in Special Purpose Application. More than 350+ Licences on Android Platform running since last 3+ Years successfully, and uploading data to Central Monetring Server, where data being consumed via PHP Services on server side, and report generated using D2K application on Oracle Platform in Trading / Marketing / Sales senario.


 Experties 2 - SCADA Integration Consulting (Oil)

As SCADA mentor, assisted the  Project team with project management and the selection of a SCADA system for the Access Pipeline Project. This included writing the functional requirements specification for the SCADA system, a system specification for the SCADA Trainer and evaluating various SCADA and Leak Detection systems as well as applications such as Batch Tracking and without Simulation Models.


Experties 3 - SCADA Integration Consulting (Gas)

As SCADA consultant, assisted the through our SI and his team with the development application protocol for gas measurement using customised SCADA package for the AVG PLC.


Everything IP 
Designed and developed the software for Everything IP which supports both GPRS / 3G protocols for realtime data transmission without intrruption to the sever with live data exchange logging, Fault capturing, error correction in offline mode over TCP/IP & FTP / SFTP protocol.
M - PLC - Online / Offline Data Collector
M-PLC Data Collector application for Mobile devices running on Android / WinCE platform and ActiveSync/Hotsync conduits replaced with online synchronization.