FPS is a world-leader with vast experience in designing, developing and deploying Electronic Toll Collection Systems utilizing passive RFID. We can offer world class consultancy to various type of ETC systems including stop-and-go, lane based free flow and open road, free flow tolling. Our services can cover areas from the front end / lane and roadside equipment to backend transaction processing.

Electronic Toll Collection Systems mainly consist of 3 major layers:

Front end roadside equipment Lane controlling computer Backend transaction server

Front end roadside equipment includes:

RFID transceivers ALPR enforcement camera Vehicle detection system (Laser\Loop)

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Electronic Toll Collection has been a hot topic for over a decade for time saving, carbon emission reduction, and all other kinds of benefits. Various cutting edge technologies were employed in this industry in an attempt to make a sounding case. And in recent years, we are seeing lane based tolling migrating to open road tolling. Great challenges are being put on the technologies employed.